About Ana

Hey! I’m so excited that you’ve stumbled upon this community. I want to share my story with you, from miserable 9-5 life to running my own life coaching practice, so that if you find something that resonates, you know you’ve got a whole community of goal setters going against the grain and designing lives they love, that you can join!

I love nothing more than a good book with a cozy blanket and a tea in my favorite papasan chair. I spend most of my time outside going for long hikes in the woods, mountain biking, or hanging out in a hammock. And the thing that lights me up most inside is coaching women to reach for the highest version of themselves.

I’ve got 2 little kiddos (and a great big Bernese Mountain dog).

They inspire me to chase my dream every single day, because I want them to know a mom who chose courage over comfort.

I want them to see first hand how to make the most out of life and know that it is possible to achieve the biggest dream you set your mind to.

A few years ago I worked at a corporate job, living the 9-5 life in a toxic office environment for a company that did not align with my values. I was extremely successful, having first learned from the best of the best in a challenging business consulting environment, and then taken my knowledge to new levels in a large corporation. I was working with business owners when I was 20 years old, and running a multimillion dollar project portfolio when I was 22 making companies more efficient and profitable. I was on track to be a VP before 30, my boss had told me.

But I was also miserable every single day.

  • I hated the office building.
  • I hated the culture.
  • I hated the lack of values and lack of integrity in the company.
  • I hated making rich guys richer on the backs of employees.
  • I hated spending 40 hours a week inside a maze of beige walls.
  • I hated counting down the minutes until 5:00pm.

I am someone who really loves life, and wants to make the most of every second. This place was zapping me of all my energy and passion. Crying in the bathroom every day did not look like the life I wanted to live…

This past year has been my transition to a more meaningful and inspiring life spent chasing things that light my heart on fire.

Using my own tools and strategies, plus everything I’ve learned in over 50 personal development books, I was able to cut my work week in half while getting paid more, and free up my time to focus on things that matter.

I now work remotely (from home), with most of the afternoon (and Fridays) off, doing what I do best: working with business owners to increase productivity and accelerate growth. Through this continuous improvement career, I’ve picked up SO MANY TOOLS to help lead change across organizations, which has allowed me to start blogging and life coaching, using proven methodologies to increase YOUR productivity and accelerate YOUR success, whatever that might look like for you.

Move Your Mountains is a passion of mine that makes me jump out of bed in the mornings and keeps me up thinking about it at night. I spend every single day reading personal development books to expand my knowledge of the tools and strategies that work.

I test the concepts and then I help you implement the most effective strategies into your daily life so that you can transform your current reality into the unimaginable.

My mission is to help you become the happiest and most fulfilled version of you.

I’ve been running my own life coaching practice for a year now (it feels crazy to say that!) For me there is no better purpose than helping more and more people live a life they’ve always felt was out of reach.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to use my vast knowledge and unique experience to coach other women around me into the highest version of themselves.

It fills my heart to engage with people who are chasing their dreams.

I firmly believe anyone has the ability to go from an average life, to the life of their dreams if they can get crystal clear on what that looks like and use the right tools to get them there faster.

So, with that said, I am extremely excited that you’ve found this community and I hope it gives you the courage to start taking steps toward your dream life and clearing obstacles that have held you back in the past!

If you’re interested in a life coaching session, you can find out more about what I specialize in right over here so take a look and see if it feels right for you.

If part of my story resonates with you, I would LOVE to hear from you. Always, always feel free to email me at moveyourmountainstoday@gmail.com. My favorite part about blogging is hearing from people who have found this community and learning more about their journeys to a better life, so get in touch!

And if you’re looking to access all of the knowledge on personal development, productivity, career success, mindfulness, intentional living, and more, head on over to the blog!

You can also join our community here, which will give you free access to your own goal setting checklist and weekly motivation/inspiration/tips and tricks to help you live your best life.

I sincerely hope you find what you need to get past your excuses, crush your obstacles, and create the life you crave to live.

With all the goal crushing, butt kicking, dream life living love,