Ana McRae wakes up every day to inspire people into action.

Ana has a passion for helping ambitious people achieve their full potential, regardless of what that looks like. Her results coaching programs help people identify what they want in life, create a plan for achieving their biggest dreams, and actually do what it takes to get it done.

Prior to starting her own results coaching business, Ana spent 5 years in business consulting working with small business owners, large corporations, and non profits, to help them drive up profits and accelerate growth through continuous improvement. Her specialty is working one on one with business owners, executives, and directors to create strategic direction, activate initiatives that move the needle, and keep momentum going. With a proven track record for transforming workflow and boosting organizational efficiency, Ana is a natural leader known for her ability to ask the tough questions, hold everybody accountable to the plan, and ensure goals are hit every time.

Ana may also be a nutcase who actually enjoys going for multi-day hiking trips in the wilderness, mountain biking down deadly cliffs at ungodly speeds, and can usually be found reading a personal development book outside in a hammock.



My superpower is HELPING people who feel stuck in jobs they don’t like or own businesses that no longer make them excited build fulfilling lives exploding with joy.

I help them figure out their purpose and spark that fire in their belly that gets them excited about the future again. I help them create a step by step road map to starting a new business or making a bold career move so that they can finally take the leap. I help them set impossible goals and manage their fear, build up their courage muscles, and gain confidence in taking bold action. And I hold them accountable to chasing their dream so that a few months from now they wake up in the morning exploding with joy about the life they get to live. 

That’s why my results coaching program is on fire.

People love that I make their wild dreams feel normal and help them achieve their goals faster. They love that I follow up with them every week to make sure the critical actions that drive their success get done and their dreams aren’t on the back burner. They love that I challenge their excuses, ask the hard questions, and make them think differently so that they can finally crush their dreams.

Everyone wants a better life. What they’re missing is the clear vision, the effective road map, and the intense accountability. 

As soon as you start working with me

  • you’ll feel happier, more excited, and finally fulfilled by the life you are living
  • you’ll know you’re doing it right, not wasting any time, and you’ll see results faster than you’ve ever seen them before
  • you’ll be relieved by how easy it is to achieve your goals when we remove the overwhelm of a disorganized mind
  • you’ll feel supported 100% of the time because I will hold your hand the whole way, call BS on any of your lame excuses, and hold you accountable to doing what you said you were going to do so that you don’t give up ever again

If you’re fine with feeling unhappy, don’t care if you’re in the same place a year from now, and are cool with letting your dreams die, I am not for you.

But, if you want to live a bigger life, make a bigger impact, see bigger results without feeling overwhelmed by it all, I want to work with you.

Here’s something you can do right now: write down your biggest dream in one sentence as if it’s already happened, and read it every single day.

Listen, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So today, you need to do something different if you’re committed to your success. If you’re not where you want to be in life, it is your responsibility to take control and create your own happiness.

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