What if you could achieve your wildest business goals while balancing a life full of joy?

I’m Ana McRae!

I help ambitious women
start and scale purpose driven businesses
WHILE living fulfilling lives

  • If you are an entrepreneur with wild goals who wants to build a freakin’ empire but struggles to stay focused and keep the momentum going week after week…
  • If you feel scattered, pulled in a bunch of different directions, and unsure of where to focus your time and energy to get where you want to go…
  • If you are overworked and exhausted but want to create more freedom, balance, and joy…
  • If you are determined to achieve wild success WITHOUT compromising your happiness and becoming a slave to your business…

My results coaching program is going to help you create the clarity, confidence, and consistent action you need to move mountains in your business while experience joy and fulfillment on a daily business!

Here’s how my hot as fire framework will get you massive results in your business:

DO YOU KNOW where to focus?

Most entrepreneurs have great big dreams but struggle to stay focused on the key drivers of their success. If you feel unfocused, directionless, and foggy about what you want to achieve and how to make it happen…

I help you stop spinning in circles by getting crystal clear on what you’re working toward and nailing down the strategy that’s going to get you to your goal so that you can take purposeful action!


Most people are wasting their time and energy trying to find the “perfect strategy” to explode their business, without actually believing it’s possible for them. In reality, the best strategy in the world won’t get you where you want to go if you don’t believe in your ability to create massive results in your life and business.

I help you overcome the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck so that you can step into your full potential!

Do you show up consistently?

Most people know what they need to do next, but they don’t do it because life gets in the way, they’re busy firefighting, they’re exhausted, they’re stressed, they don’t know where to start, [insert any number of excuses here]. If you go through rollercoasters of motivation and you always feel behind…

I help you take consistent action in a way that feels easeful so that you can finally create the kind of results you’ve been dreaming of!

This business coaching program is for women who…

🗹 Own a business they want to grow into an empire OR
🗹 Are thinking of starting a business to replace their 9 to 5
🗹 Are eager to create a 6 figure income in a way that feels easeful and fun
🗹 Crave independence, freedom, and the ability to live life on their terms
🗹 Are ambitious, driven, motivated, hard working, and results oriented

This program is NOT for people who

⌧ Are happy with the level they’re at, want to be in the same place next year, and have no interest in achieving more success. This is for people who want to perform at the absolute highest level in business and want support in consistently leveling up.
⌧ Only measure success with money. This is for passionate entrepreneurs who all see a bigger vision and are on a mission to leave a legacy.
⌧ Aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their biggest goals. This is for business owners who seize opportunities and crush obstacles in pursuit of the bigger picture.

Hitting those wild business goals is easier than you think, you just need the right support in your corner,
and that’s where I come in

Get ready to completely transform the results you see in your business and life

Here’s how I can support your bad-ass business with completely personalized support and a rock solid strategy:

6 months of 1:1 support where I help you level up your business and your life, so that you can finally create unprecedented levels of happiness, fulfillment, AND success!

2 hours of focused 1:1 planning to help you create a strategy for your business and a plan for implementing it

Book a time to chat below, and let’s Talk about where you’re at, where you want to go, and how i can support you in getting there

What it’s like to work with me

“Ana somehow has the ability to keep a big picture perspective on everything she does while getting very detailed. She facilitates people in a way that makes them feel welcomed (not pushed), and asks carefully articulated questions to help them discover something they didn’t realize before. With Ana, things don’t slip, timelines stay green, actions get completed, decisions get made, and the results are amazing.”


“Ana’s ability to keep people focused and moving in the right direction is unique. Many folks get distracted but she has a strict ability to bring things back on track that produces results.”


“Ana is able to captivate audiences and hold them to a solid outcome.”