HOW WOULD YOU LIKE take every aspect of YOUR LIFE to the next level?

 I help successful women create clarity and balance so they can take their happiness and success to the next level

When insanely ambitious women (like you) chase massive professional success, they do so at the expense of their physical/mental health, their relationships, and their freedom. I help successful women take their happiness and success to the next level by creating balance and clarity in every area of life. This means you continue achieving your most important goals without compromising on your values so that your life is exploding with joy!

Laura successfully built up a 6 figure online coaching business, and she was so damn proud. But she wasn’t in great shape. Her mental health was weak as she had no structure in place to support it. Her relationships with others weren’t deep as they had been put on the back burner for so long. She never took time for hobbies, wasn’t learning and growing as much as she used to, and really didn’t travel as much as she expected (which was the whole reason she started her business in the first place!) So, although her business success looked amazing from the outside, she felt unfulfilled inside. Life balance coaching was exactly what she needed to get every area of her life to a 10/10 so that she was finally living out her dream.



By actively prioritizing the important areas of your life on a day to day basis, happiness will be available to you in abundance.


When you put your happiness first, you create unprecedented success!


As you chase your wildest dreams while simultaneously improving other areas of your life , you create deep, lasting fulfillment.

Who is life balance coaching for?

Life balance coaching is the right next step for people who…

🗹 Are ambitious, driven, motivated, hard working, and want to impact the world
🗹 Have achieved professional success that they are super proud of
🗹 Have other areas of their life they aren’t 100% satisfied with
🗹 Want to wake up in the morning exploding with joy about every aspect of their life

This program is NOT for people who…

⌧ Are happy with the level they’re at, want to be in the same place next year, and have no interest in creating more happiness and success
⌧ Only measure success professionally and disregard other meaningful aspects of life
⌧ Aren’t willing to do what it takes to live into their values

This coaching program is the best of the best. IF you’re looking for coaching at the highest level, this is it.

See what others have to say about working with Ana.

Jacqueline Ochs, 27, Graphic Designer

“I am extremely ambitious but I have no sense of focus, so I’ve started and abandoned hundreds of projects throughout my whole life. When I decided I wanted to start achieving my goals I realized I needed someone to help me stay on track, and that’s when I found Ana. This year she has helped me achieve one of my biggest goals, pursue a new goal, and finally start working on a project I’ve been putting off for years. With her help, I am able to keep focused and keep crushing all my goals and dreaming bigger than I ever thought possible.”


“Before working with Ana, I felt like I wasn’t making any progress towards my goals and I was starting to feel really discouraged. Even after just one session with Ana, I felt so much more motivated. It felt so great to discuss my dreams with someone who made them feel normal, and who was so supportive of them. She helped me set concrete, actionable goals to help me achieve more in a shorter period of time. I feel closer than ever before to achieving the life of my dreams.

Why do you need Ana as your coach? And why is now the greatest time ever to start?


Understand where you’re at in every single area of your life right now so that you can design a life that maximizes your potential across the board.

☑ Make Meaningful changes with ease

Improving your physical health, mental health, relationships, hobbies, creativity, learning, community, travel, freedom, finances, etc. can feel overwhelming. With the one on one support you get from me, it becomes EASY and feels SO GOOD that you won’t believe the amount of growth you’ll achieve 12 months from now. It doesn’t feel hard at all.

☑ wake up feeling happy every day

No more giving up on goals that matter to you: I hold you accountable to yourself so that you never fall to the bottom of your own to do list. As you pursue meaningful change in every area of your life, you will feel satisfied knowing that you’re taking your game to the next level and absolutely crushing it.